Elementary, My Dear

Schedule of Events

We have packed more fun into three days and four nights than you could ever win on your favorite game show. For all of the fun events we have scheduled, click on the link below.Continue reading


The Devil Wears Steampunk

All About Steampunk

You have probably heard of Steampunk before, but we have loads of information compiled just for you. If you want to know more about our theme this year, then take a look at this.Continue reading


Just The FAQs, Ma'am

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel questions? We have you covered. Hosts? Yeah, we have them too. Expectations? You should feel guilty if you don't come to SoFLeX 2014. Yeah, we said it. We're that serious.Continue reading


Sounds Like A Good Time

Live Bands and DJs

From the first dance on Thursday night to the final bow on Monday morning, you will have some of the finest musicians and DJs from across the country to keep you dancing.Continue reading